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  • Genicular Nerve Block (G Block)
  • Herniated Discs
    A herniated disc is a common injury that can affect any part of the spine. A herniated disc can cause severe pain and other problems in the arms or legs.
  • Hip Fracture Treatment with Surgical Screws
    This surgical procedure uses metal surgical screws to repair a fracture of the femur. This procedure is typically used for patients who have minimal damage to the bone and minimal shifting from the fracture.
  • Hemiarthroplasty (Bipolar Prosthesis)
    This surgery treats a damaged or diseased hip. It replaces the head of your femur with an implant. Your natural hip socket is not changed.
  • Total Hip Replacement, Anterior Approach
    This surgery replaces diseased and damaged portions of the hip with implants designed to restore function to the hip joint. The surgeon uses an incision on the anterolateral part of the hip, instead of a more traditional incision on the side or back of the joint.
  • Sacroiliac Joint Fusion (iFuse Implant System┬«)
    If you have a painful damaged or diseased sacroiliac joint (we call it the ""SI"" joint), a fusion may help. With the iFuse System, your surgeon uses titanium implants to join your hip's ilium bone to the spine's sacrum. This may relieve the SI joint pain.