Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg

  • Ankle Fracture Surgery
    This surgery fixes an unstable break in your ankle. The break could be in the small bone of your lower leg, called the ""fibula"" or the larger bone, called the ""tibia."" Sometimes, they're both broken. Your surgeon will stabilize your bones so your ankle can heal.
  • Ankle Fusion, Transfibular
    This surgical procedure is performed to treat severe arthritis or injury of the ankle joint. During the procedure, the surgeon removes damaged bone and cartilage and fuses the joint. This stabilizes the ankle and relieves pain.
  • Bunionectomy (Chevron Bunionectomy)
    This outpatient procedure is performed to correct a bunion, a deformity of the toe joint. During the procedure, the surgeon may remove excess bone and then shift the toe into proper alignment. This surgery is commonly performed with regional anesthesia.
  • Jones Fracture Fixation (Intramedullary Screw)
    This procedure is used to correct a Jones fracture - a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone of the foot. During this procedure, the surgeon inserts a screw into the metatarsal to stabilize the bone and allow it to heal properly.
  • Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction (ALR)
    This surgery corrects an unstable ankle. It tightens one or more ligaments that support your ankle. It helps people who've had repeated ankle sprains. It can also help people who have certain foot deformities.
  • Lisfranc Injury Surgery
    This surgery repairs an injury of the Lisfranc joint complex. That's a cluster of small bones and ligaments in the midfoot. This surgery stabilizes broken or dislocated bones.